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by Marija and Martina ^
August 11, 2016

Sammy dress set

If you know us long enough you know we love matching sets of any kind. Skirts, pants, capris, maxi skirts ... you name it. This Sammy dress set is everything! Plus is black and white, obviously one of my favorite combos! ^IB

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June 16, 2016

The bracelet

The SOUFEEL silver charm bracelet that I haven’t taken off since the day I got it. Since I have it on, I have been asked so many times where I got it from and it definitely doesn’t go by unnoticed ^IB

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June 06, 2016

Soufeel jewelry

Hello lovelies, hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer! In today's post we talk about delicate jewelry. If you as ourselves are fans of quality silver jewelry keep your attention since we are sure you will love what you will see. SOUFEEL Jewelry offer quality sterling silver products and they give free shipping for orders over $50. The great deal is that you have a chance of return within 365 days ^IB

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June 01, 2016

The Floral dress

Florals for spring/summer?? I know groundbreaking! (Miranda Priestly voice). I never myself have been a floral design fan either but things change! This floral dress from Ligntinthebox is everything when you want to look boho-chic and feel comfortable all the time. Enjoy these warm days guys ^IB

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