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by Marija and Martina ^

Are You Ready To Celebrate The New Year?

Have you guys decided on what you doing for New Year’s Eve? I know it sounds crazy but I still haven’t! The last few years I go for a more laid back New Year’s Eve and save that energy for after New Year’s and maybe travel somewhere hopefully less crowded after. Don’t get me wrong I love all the Christmas and New Year euphoria but I just find it too much for me at the day of celebration so I choose to stay in that day. So that’s my plan for the long awaited ‘craziest night’ of the year. Celebrating the New Year’s arrival at home with your friends or family doesn’t always mean wearing PJ’s and no make-up. I believe you can still dress up so you can enter the New Year positive and with a basket full of your hopes and dreams for that year. I believe 31st of December is not just another day in the calendar and we can all use it as an excuse to make the resolutions we’ve been postponing all year long and this time actually work on them. It can be about improving your business plan and making a decision about working more towards your goals, it can be about improving yourself as a human being or even just simply making a decision about spending more time with your loved ones in the upcoming year. Take time for the things that matter to you and focus on things that make you happy and I wish all of you fulfill at least few of them in the New Year!

*In collaboration with Tom Tailor

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