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by Marija and Martina ^

Irresistible me

I know we are all obsessed to make our hair look at its bets in the easiest way possible and trust us we were one of those people that would say that a straightener is just a straightener. We received this Irresistible me Diamond iron just a week ago and honestly we love it. Although it was sent to us the review is our real satisfaction from its use. The iron gets heated very quickly and it really doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to get your perfect hairstyle, whether is going from straight to wavy or reverse. Life just got a little easier haha


- a 360° mobile cord that swivels around following your every move

- shuts down automatically in 30 minutes

- gets hot (450F/230C) really fast, in up to 15 seconds

- heat display that allows you to see the temperature all the time

You can get you yours at

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BeautyInHair • 23 April, 2017

Great post and website, thanks.


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